22 Reasons Why to Write Nitai’s Name in the Air Instead of on Paper

Shastric and practical benefits of Nitai Airwriting.

Toxic Inks and Pens

• 1. Modern-day inks and pens are made from toxic chemicals.

No Palm Leaves to Write On

• 2. Nowadays is very difficult to find palm leaves to write on, like they were available in the ancient times. So we have to use paper to write.

Karma in Cutting Trees

• 3. We won’t share the karma in the cutting of trees to prepare the modern-day chemically treated paper. Even though it is for the Lord’s Name, the Lord would always want us to avoid as much violence as we can in His Bhakti.

Sharp Pen Nibs May Hurt the Lord’s Body

• 4. Present day pens have very sharp nibs which may hurt the body of the Lord in the form of the Nama Syllables. Arjunacharya scratched a verse in the Gita with a traditional quilt pen and it made wounds on the body of Krishna Himself.

No Direct Touch With Pen

• 5. We touch the pen and the pen touches the Name. So it is a little indirect way to touch the Namakshara (Who Are the Lord Himself) than directly writing Them in the air.

Air is the Primary Medium of Touch

• 6. Air is the primary medium through which we touch everything according to Srimad Bhagavatam 7.12.27 (sparśenādhyātmani tvacham..). So by writing the Name in the air, we not only write but also touch and thus serve Him directly. Why be satisfied with only one benefit when we can have all of them by writing in the air?

Air Is More Subtle And Manasik

• 7. Air is more subtle than the earth in the form of paper or any surface. So this increased subtlely of the medium for writing infinitely increases the ease by which we can remember His forms in our in the subtlest manasika way during the practice. Writing in the air takes our rupa-smarana in the syllables deep into the manasika platform, which is 1000 times more powerful than vachika and 100 times more powerful than even Upamshu. We see this in the example of the Pratishthanapura brahmana who boarded the plane to Vaikuntha simply due to the perfection of his mental visualization of the Lord and His service.

Storing Written Books is Difficult

• 8. We can write over and over in the air in any large size we want without needing to turn pages or fill up books and then having to think about where to store them. It may also be an offense to store these books in a dusty and unclean place.

Samadhi to Books

• 9. After writing in books, we have to find a suitable and pure place to give samadhi to these Nama books. This is very difficult to find nowadays as earth and water are becoming heavily polluted by human waste.

Writing in Large Size

• 10. We can write Nama in a much larger size and more slowly in the air to facilitate deep visualization and remembrance of His forms. Whereas we are forced to write the Name in a very small size in a book, which makes visualization of His forms in each syllable very difficult, if not impossible.

Three Fingers Needed For Holding Pen

• 11. Fingers normally start paining when we hold the pen for long periods since three fingers are used to tightly hold a pen. On the other hand, writing in the air needs just one index finger and some wrist movement, not even the movement of your whole arm.

We Can’t Move During Paper Writing

• 12. We don’t have to sit in one place while writing in the air like we compulsorily have to while writing on paper. We can even walk, lie down, or relax in any posture as we write in the air and mentally visualize His Forms in each stroke of Nama Prabhu.

We Can’t Look Anywhere Else During Paper Writing

• 13. We will know where we are going if we walk while writing in the air. We won’t bump into anyone or anything and fall down because we are writing in the air in front of us. Whereas while writing on paper, we can’t even look at anything else or our writing will go haywire.

External Things Like Pen, Ink, and Paper Needed

• 14. We don’t need anything external to us for writing in the air except our finger and our mind because the air is everywhere. But for writing on paper, we need to always carry both the pen and paper with us.

Air Takes Us Deep Into Manasika As It is Vayu, Kham, and Mana

• 15. If we don’t move our finger in the air and touch the Name physically through the medium air, it becomes very difficult to visualize and touch Him mentally by only writing with a pen on paper. The external stimuli of the finger in the air tremendously assists in manasika smarana.

Strenghtens the Arm and Wrist

• 16. Airwriting of the Name also helps to strengthen the wrist, arm, and shoulder muscles. After a while of practice, the wrist (and the arm and hand if you move them too), does not pain at all as it becomes stronger. It is also perfectly fine if you don’t even want to move your arm at all. You can just rest your arm on your knee, lap, chair handle etc. and move your finger in the air by the movement of your wrist.

Acceptance of Our False Ego Finger

• 17. Our index finger is normally considered our false ego finger as we point out the others’ faults with it. This is why it is rejected by Krishna during Harinam Japa and we have to keep it outside the bead bag. Then how will our false ego be quickly replaced by our true spiritual identity so that we can approach Shuddha Harinam and Gaura Radha Krishna? It is by Nitai Air Writing (Vayulekhan). Nitai embraced Madhai who was rejected by all. He is the only Lord Who accepts our touch even through our false ego (index) finger and destroys our false ego with His mightly club (7th stroke) and plow (5th stroke). abhimana duranta tathi na pai krishna rati, iha jani nityananda karaha bhakati.. – Knowing yourself as very proud and thus not qualified to attain Krishna rati, please do Nitai Bhakti to get rid of your false ego. (Sri Nityananda Charitamrita, Antya Khanda, Chp 13)

Producing and Distributing Nitaized Air Around the World

• 18. If the air which has touched Nitainam’s syllables touches us or others due to our Nitai Vayulekhan, those fortunate souls will never be forsaken by Krishna Himself, who will in turn offer then His total protection to them for eternity as described in (Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata 2.12.58: ihana vatasa lagibeka jara gaya..). So it is both self-deliverance and world-deliverance simultaneously. Because the Nitaized air molecules spread anywhere and everywhere within no time. In this way, we unknowingly share His causeless and unconditional love to everyone in this world who gets touched by that air of our own Vayulekhan. We don’t get or share such benefits by writing on paper.

Motion-Oriented Memory

• 19. Writing in the air helps in much more visualization and remembrance. Because the motion-oriented memory goes much deeper than simple vision-oriented memory which we get by looking at the Syllables of the Name. This is why kids are taught to write the alphabets and letters in the air as they retain much more by writing in the air than on paper.

Direct Touch and Feedback Due to the Air

• 20. The kinesthetic and tactile feedback of the finger in the air to visualize His forms in each stroke is not there while writing on paper. And touching the Name in the air also gives a subtle tactile feedback which helps in rememebering His Forms.

Persistence of Vision and Remembrance

• 21. Our eyes and our brains retain a visual impression for about 1/30 of a second. This is called the persistence of vision. By writing the Name in the air, our mind tends to remember and become imprinted by the shape of each stroke and the associated form for a much longer time, which in turn creates a more deeper and everlasting memory of the Lord’s forms on our minds. This is somewhat like a sparker’s illumined path in the air which is called as the Sparkler’s trail effect. We see see it when we wave a sparkler firecracker in the air in front of us.

Merging of Syllables with the Sound

• 22. Nitai Air Writing is practiced with our left index finger so we can do it while practicing our daily Harinam Japa with the bead bag in our right hand. In this way, we can try to merge the remembrance of the Nama Shabda (sound) of the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra with the offensless form of the real Nambhandari Nitai in the Nama Akshara (syllables), as recommended by Srila Gaura Kishora das babaji.

Always remember that only Nitai is the One who is giving the pure offenseless Harinam unconditionally to the whole world by going door to door with expecting any qualification from us.

He is also the sarva-mantra-svarupa (Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya), the personification of the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra and all Mantras in creation. So by Nitai Vayulekhan His remembrance can be merged in our Harinam remembrance to make our Harinam truly offenseless.

Some other verses from our Acharyas on how Nitai awards us Shuddha Harinam are:

harinamera mala ganthi dila jaga jane…

nitai ki nama eneche re…

surabhi kunjete namera hatta khulche – khoda nitai, tumi kimbe krishna nama – amara sange chalo mahajanera kache jai…

nitai harinamera mula mahajana o mula bhandari…

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6 thoughts on “22 Reasons Why to Write Nitai’s Name in the Air Instead of on Paper”

  1. The evidence and logic you have provided Maharaj is actually indisputable, if a person unbiasedly considers what you have presented, and then applies it to their life by trying to air write PremiiNitai’s namakshar in the air. They will experience first hand the reality of what you are presenting to the world for everyone’s benefit

  2. It’s so genuine. Daily practice of air writing is personally helping me a lot. It’s literally enhancing my rupasmarana. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for this article. Koti Dandwat Pranaams at your lotus feet Shrila Gurudev 🙏🙏

  3. Beautiful article dear Gurudeva on the most subtle practice of writing निताइ in Air to feel the Lord’s cooling mercy. निताइ👈 Dandvat Pranams 👏👏👏🌺🌺🌺

  4. This article is so much convincing. I practically realised practicing it, writing it in air. it helped me so much, it’s so powerful, other ways don’t work I practically realised it. thank you so much for this helpful article. Koti dandavat Pranams at your Lotus feet Shrila Gurudeva🙇🏻‍♀ All glories to You!

  5. I tried writing with pen and paper earlier, but i felt it to be so mechanical… but now when i write it with my finger, i feel more linked to the Name. Just like, when we eat with our bare hands we feel more satisfied than with a spoon. Nitai nam is food for our soul ! We actually touch the Naam with the finger !

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