Questions about Remembering Nitai 24/7

Questions by Pran Nitai das:

🌿 1.) Like You always have said that smaran for atleast 6hours is the least, but in the initial stages one can’t do that, so how to increase it?

🌿 2.) When one start some sadhana then intially we feel like lot of disturbance that mind creates and it feels like it was better without Bhakti, so what is that and how to get rid of it?

🌿 3.) We see that many devotees leave Bhakti after some time even after knowing everything that what Bhakti is, so what is the reason for that and how one can remain in Bhakti always?

🌿 4.) How to keep our enthusiasm always high in Bhakti?

🌿 5.) What is the effect of mental aparadh on one’s Bhakti and how to get rid of it?

🌿 6.) How to increase the desire to serve Guru and Nitai?

Answer by Srila Bhaktiratna:

🌿 All your questions and everyone else’s spiritual questions for that matter have only one answer dear Pran Nitai das.

🌿 I don’t want to cheat or mislead you all by giving other temporary stop-gap answers. There is only one real fool-proof answer.

🌿 Now that you have found the most merciful Lord and His Namakshars by a stroke of extreme good fortune, practice at least 6 hours of 👂निताइ👈 Smaran daily to wash off all the nonsense dirt which is filled in our minds for zillions of lives from time immemorial.

🌿 And how to do it? Just by doing it. Don’t you work 12 hours daily to earn money because you want it at any cost?

🌿 So if you really want to be with Nitai during and after this life and end your endless suffering forever, then you will do it. There is no easy trick on how to increase it or do it.

🌿 One has to just do it day after day with enthusiasm (utsaha), determination (nishchaya), and patience (dhairya).

🌿 It is only you who can give up your mental block or persisting weakness not to remember Nitai for at least 6 hours daily and make this your last life in this material world. Every soul has that strength within it as it is sat-chit-ananda.

🌿 And what about yours and everyone else’s other questions and decisions in life? Simple. Every single decision you make in your life should be to facilitate this 6 Hours of Nitai Smaran daily as only that will ensure the total freedom of your soul from material bondage.

🌿 anukulyasya sankalpa, pratikulalsya varjanam… only accept what is favorable to at least 6 hours of daily 👂निताइ👈 Smaran and reject everything else which is unfavorable. I guess that makes taking any decision in life pretty easy, doesn’t it?

🌿 Henceforward, analyse all your questions above and the decisions you have to take in life while keeping these two lines in your mind always… anukulyasya sankalpa, pratikulalsya varjanam… And you wil get the answer to all your questions instantly.

🌿 This 6-hour 👂निताइ👈 Smaran is also the biggest Nitai sharing you can do in this world. Because only one who is doing pure Achar can do true Nitai Prachar consistently.

🌿 Otherwise Maya will stop the sharing every single day and eventually finish it forever. So many big preachers have fallen away in Maya and all their preaching stopped by Maya forever because there was no Achar (6-Hour Nitai Smaran).

🌿 Just the very presence of such a 6-hour Nitai Smarankarta in this world delivers countless souls in this whole universe on its own, what to speak of this tiny planet.

🌿 So can you imagine how much more benefit to the other souls it would be if such a devotee actually records some Nitai sounds or talks to some souls directly online or offline and teaches them Nitai Vayulekhan, etc.?

🌿 So the only true answer to all questions in life is:

Jo Smare 👂निताइ👈 Ko Sada!!!
So Hi Parampada Pavega!!!

Questions by Pran Nitai das continued:

🌿 1) You said “During this life You will be with Nitai” is that really possible Gurudeva for me? I mean I am completely filled with filth top to bottom so would that be possible ever (when I continuously do 6 hr Nitai Shravan Vayulekhan)

🌿 2.) At times it happens that I am not able to visualize anything at all in Vayulekhan and it becomes very flat. So then it comes like “ohh I am not able to visualize let’s leave may be will try tomorrow for more” so what is answer for this Shrila Gurudeva?

🌿 3) Lastly sometimes I feel like if only doing Vayulekhan for 6 hrs I may not be giving time for other Bhakti angas like kirtan and reading etc. So Does Vayulekhan is sufficient and it covers all the Bhakti anga without exclusively be engaged into them? Or that is also Maya to give up on Vayulekhan the most merciful?

Answer by Srila Bhaktiratna:

🌿 1. namno ‘sya yavati saktih
papa-nirharane hareh
tavat kartum na saknoti
patakam pataki janah


🌿 “Even the most most most abominable sinner among all the most worst sinners in this universe cannot commit as many sins from his birth to his death which the remembrance of the Name of the Lord does not have the power to totally destroy.“

🌿 So of course it is possible to be with the most merciful Lord Nitai while living also and that to for even the most sinful of all living entities. Simply because He is the Lord of the most fallen.. agatira gati nitai…

🌿 2. Then just listen to the purest Nitai sounds while doing Vayulekhan and try to merge them with Vayulekhan. Then you will again very quickly see Nitai’s forms and pastimes again in Vayulekhan.

🌿 That said, if one trains the mind to remember Nitai’s forms in Vayulekhan steadily day after day, They get so imprinted in our mind that it is very very difficult to forget Nitai’s forms in Vayulekhan even if one eats bad food, engages in bad company, etc. as it becomes completely a Manasika Sadhana.

🌿 3. All Bhakti angas are meant for one and only one purpose. satatam smrityoh vishnuh, vismritavyoh na jatuchi… Always remember Nitai and never forget Nitai… This is soul of all practices.

🌿 So whether you are attaining this Nitai Smaran goal with one practice or many practices does not matter. All are meant to increase our Nitai Smaran only, nothing else.

🌿 Our only goal is to always remember Nitai 24/7 and never forget Nitai at any cost. And never forget this goal and essence of all spiritual practices otherwise such questions will arise again and again.

Questions by Prabhu Nityananda das:

Q. What is the duty of one who is about to die?

Answer by Srila Bhaktiratna:

🌿 Please do a lot of Nitai Vayulekhan daily remembering Nitai’s merciful forms and lotus feet in the strokes. Please do it for 6 hours daily along with your Kirtan, Japa, and Nitai Katha Shravan.

🌿 This direct touch of Nitai will transform your material body into your eternal spiritual body and put an end to this cycle of birth and death. What more can I say?!! I feel like crying to hear this news and to see how much strong faith you have in our Doyal Nitai’s lotus feet.

🌿 We all have to go at one point. All that matters to determine our next destination is how much Nitai remembrance or Nitai consciousness we go with. We can make all the things we did wrong in our life right simply by intensifying our Nitai Smaran in our last days for those who are so fortunate to know when their last days have started.

🌿 So I kindly request you to try to remember Nitaipada as constantly you can (6 hours daily at least) from now on. That is the only thing we can do for our soul when we are about to die or when we are healthy and we still “have time” left to die.

🌿 The full maha-audarya premrasa of Nitai does not come out in the present English translation of NC imho. So I promise you today, I will translate one NC chapter with all the strength I have got and then record it as soon as all the verses in that chapter have been translated.

🌿 I will try my best to do this as fast as I can dear Prabhu NItyananda das. It is the least I can do for you dear prabhuji. You did so much Seva by translating it into French and helping our Nitaibhikshu das record it. And simply because your immaculate faith in Nitaipada Kamala is beyond words!!! 👂निताइ👈

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2 thoughts on “Questions about Remembering Nitai 24/7”

  1. Hare Krishna

    Thank you for writing this. I wanted to say that I recently saw Srila Bhaktiratna sadhu in my dream and I’m amused by that, not sure the reason, I’m very happy

    I ask him to pray for me to Nitai and bless me in my Krishna Consciousness

  2. Thanks dear Gurudeva for these most simple truths focused on 6 hour निताइ👈 Smaran and how it is all that matters for the soul’s deliverance. Will try and remember this essence of all instructions. Dandvat Pranams🙏🌺

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